Mata Ortiz Pots

Our family business began eleven years ago on a "what the heck" let's do a trip to the village of Mata Ortiz. As David one ex-filmmaker and Tara one ex-design historian we have well-trained eyes and we were knocked out by the beauty and variety of the pottery the villagers showed us. Since that time, we have become very involved with the village, slowly buying more and more of the pottery and converting our energies into a substantial effort at selling the beautiful pottery of Mata Ortiz. Currently we do 30 to 35 shows a year throughout the Southwest, California, and the Northwest, gathering clients in such diverse areas as San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Portland. We have developed two different lecture/slide presentations which we do at museums, colleges and private gatherings. And overall we have sold many hundreds of pots during this period of time and have bought from and know most of the potters in the village. This is now our life's work and we are proud of it.

Nancy Heras

Ismael Flores

Fabian Ortiz

Abraham Rodriguez

Samuel Quezada
6.5" Tall  7" Wide

Tomas Quintana

Armando Veloz
13" Tall  8" Wide

Jorge Ponce


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